It is in Giving that We Receive

It is in Giving that We Receive By Miriam Jaramillo “To participate in the development of the community where we belong through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs”, inspired with this mission, PPI launched its first CSR program through the School Feeding Project.   This activity was headed by Sir Ton and Sir Ronnie, and with Tanauan North Central School as its first school partner.

The objective of the program is to help malnourished public school elementary pupils from Grade I – VI gain weight by providing them with nutritious snacks such as vitamin enriched breads for two consecutive months.

“We are truly grateful to the management of Pantoja for coming up with a program like this for the children.  We hope for your continued success so that you can help others more” says Dra. Alicia Llamas, DepEd Divison Head of Tanauan. The School Feeding Program ran from January 17 to March 18. For two consecutive months, selected pupils are given vitamin enriched breads like pandesal with malunggay and squash pandesal filled with coco jam or peanut butter. To complete the nutritious snack is a glass of choco milk drink or fruit juice. After a few weeks, PPI delivery van became a familiar sight to the children that you could hear the shouts of anticipation and excitement every time there is a feeding schedule. “Panaderia Pantoja has become a part of life of the Tanaueños. Through community services like this, we are able to return our gratitude to our community who has patronized our products and services for so many years.”  This is Sir Ton’s message on the first day of the Feeding Program. “As the saying goes, it is in giving that we receive”, he adds.  Amen to you Sir!


  1. I’m truly inspired with the saying “it is in giving that we receive.”
    also inspired with the mission vision of Panaderia Pantoja, Inc.
    If I just have enough money, I will pursue to have a franchise of PPI.
    not only that I have the same surname with the owner.
    The main reason is the Mission vision of the company.
    I hope someday, I can read my surname as in my business name with dignity and honor.

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