Panaderia Pantoja Product Line

panaderia pantoja product line

What’s your favorite Panaderia Pantoja product?

Over the years, we’ve come up with delicious products to add to everybody’s delight. From old favorites such as pandesal, paborita, and jacobina, our product line continuously evolve as people began to look for something new.

So from the usual Pinoy favorites, a lot of exciting baked goodies have been added to our growing product line. These products are all baked to perfection, with the taste that’s just right for the cravings of Filipino bread lovers.

Who would say no to Swedish Ham Bread, Cheese/Cinnamon Roll, Ensaymada, or Pan de Leche? We’ve got a long list of baked products to be your next ultimate favorite. Check on our product line HERE.


  1. pls send me about the franchising details of your company!!!
    I’m so interested with it. thank you

  2. maria josephine says:

    wow yummy treats… and the model she is really pretty πŸ™‚

  3. Margarita Amante says:

    Good day to you!

    Would you be kind enough to send me details/requirements when securing a franchise? Appreciate to hear back from you! Thanks!

  4. dina zaragoza says:

    how to promote your product?

  5. linda j. cortez says:

    i like the taste and texture of your bread..and my favorite is the ensaymada what a perfect taste it has!! hoping you will always maintain the best quality of your bread panaderia.God bless:)

  6. linda j. cortez says:

    by the way can you send me the details or the price for the franchising? thanks.

  7. I like to try franchising business also, please send me the details and price of your franchise offer. Thanks.

  8. joymedina says:

    please email your pricelist for biscuits. i would like to sell it here in tarlac. can i order it and deliver it through courier.

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