Company Mission

Our mission is to create value. . .

 For our Customers,  by offering world – class bakery products and provide top notch customer service. We will continue to innovate through research and development and the use of affordable modern technology and processes that ensure productivity.

 For our Employees, by making them competitive in the industry through continuous training and development, just and equitable compensation, and helping them achieve work-life balance.

For our Suppliers, we will ensure sustainable relationships by growing hand in hand with them as business partners.

For our Franchisees and Dealers, by providing them with profitable and sustainable business ventures.

For the Communities in CALABARZON and Greater Manila Area where we do business, by taking an active role in programs aimed at improving people’s quality of life.

For Mother Earth, by lessening our environmental footprint through the proper use of resources.

 We shall adhere to the company’s number one Philosophy:  PROFIT WITH DIGNITY. 

 Above all, we lift all of our goals and aspirations to our LORD GOD and make HIM the center of everything that we do.